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“Omg it was perfect!! You took your time and I felt so comfortable! Your feet look amazing over video and I can't wait to see them in person.”

A satisfied client, Video Chat

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“Just had a facesitting session with Insatiable Softie and it was absolutely a top tier session. Softie was very professional, but approachable. It did not take long for me to feel comfortable around her. The feeling during the session felt natural, like two friends hanging out, although one is serving as a seat.

The session itself was one of my favorites as Softie pushed my limits, truly letting her torturous Domme side show. Softie gave me air when she felt like it, and even played video games while using my face as her personal seat cushion. She clearly seemed to be enjoying herself and her reactions are very genuine. I am excited to do another session with Softie in the future and would highly recommend getting a session while you can. Softie is certainly a 5 ⭐ sitter!”

Facesitting Session client

She did a terrific job! A truly great performer. She made the video fast and hit every note. Buy from her.”

Facesitting Session client

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A satisfied client, Video Chat

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